Long Toss Every Chance Possible

How come all of the long toss programs Im readng about say long toss like 3 days a week? I long toss Monday-Friday, and I do it before every game for like 20 throws. When I was little I played catch EVERY single day, and it always ended up getting stretched out as far as I could throw. To me its almost impossible to not throw as hard as I can almost. Its boring if Im not.

You’re all over the map, you start out talking bout long toss then you go into throwing as hard as you can… what’s the purpose of the post?

You need to ‘rest’ from Long Toss that’s why programs have you Long Toss only 3 times per week.

Long Toss before you pitch is a GREAT thing, I agree with that. If you get to the yard early nuff you will see the starters airing it out before their starts.

Throwing as hard as you can is pretty much long toss, because when you throw as hard as you can your probably taking a crow hop and by the time your arm is warm enough to throw as hard as you can your usually at long toss distances.
I dont see why people have to rest after long toss. It doesnt make my arm tired or anything even if I throw like 40 times.

Ok do you get sore after the game? I need to know this so I can tell you what the reason might be.

If I go over 45 pitches the next day the back of my shoulder is a little sore and tender but I work the soreness out by the time Im done warming up.
But how does that go with the topic?

Ok How long have you done this 5 day’s a week long toss?

I think you have done something allen jaeger is teaching it’s called training your arm to what you want it to do :allgood:

What I mean is you have trained your body to be able to take the load and heal quick with long toss so your arm wants to throw every day. Allen Jaeger say’s start up slow then after about 3 weeks is my guess try to do it more and more so you train your body to do it most everyday.

It doesn’t…

Pretty much all my life. Yeah I guess your right. I didnt think I built up the ability to do it. I thought everyone could.
Oh well.

When I start my long toss in january im going to go 2-3 weeks at 3 day’s then go 4 day’s a week on week 4 then do that for a couple weeks then get it up to 5 day’s so I train the body to handle everything.

What’s the cause/effect and pro/cons of Long Tossing SO MUCH?

Don’t you think it gets to a point where there’s too much of it?

I guess it would build up arm endurance?
But I really just do it because its fun and I cant think of a reason not to do it.

This is the reason you have to build a base then work off the base that you built. You need to have a long toss program that is designed the right way.

Pros of more long toss you build arm strength and teach the body to handle the work load BUT inseason you try to not throw everyday or even close to that since you will throw more from mound.

Cons not really any only con would be if you have a bad long toss program that could get you hurt.

To much is when it’s inseason to much or you don’t build a good base and you go to much to fast and don’t listen to your arm.

You taught your body to throw safer and build a base that will support the throwing you do. Most pitchers and players don’t throw enough.

Right now its just fall league so I pitch every Sunday, and we havent been throwing bullpens in school so I have one pitching session a week

you can long toss everyday. i would back off of it a little in the off season but if you feel like it helps you and your arm does not hurt. go ahead. one of the best high school programs in the country who were featured in collegiate baseball throw long toss on a football field every day period and then lift 3 days per week. one of their primary lifts is the maximum triceps pull over. it is a good article if you can locate a copy of it.

be aware that when you lift you need to have the day of rest in-between, and limit your innings pitched per week. it doesn’t matter how strong your muscles are when they are fatigued, they cannot protect your shoulder and elbow. you hurt your arm when the muscles can no longer protect it and you keep going. you must be able to listen to your arm and know when it is muscle soreness (a good thing), and joint pain (a bad thing cause you’re stressing the connective tissues that do not heal like a muscle.

Yeah triceps are very good. I only get to pitch like 2-3 innings a week because my fall league coach doesnt want to win.

That’s the hardest thing for kids to do

Dusty would Listen to what your arm tells you be a good way to feel your way through the season?

you must know how to do this to play or train every day. pain is the body’s way to tell you you’re doing too much. if you do a little too much to a muscle that is a good thing. muscles can compensate by geting stronger. if you do way too much to a muscle you will strain it and then it needs extended rest to repair, and you have to address scar tissue if it happens.

if you strain connective tissue (tendons or ligaments), they are slow to repair and when they stretch, they do not shorten back up. this is the big problem.

if your pain is in the muscles and after warming up and throwing easy it goes away, that is muscle and you should be ok.

if it is in the joints and does not go away after warming up, it is connective tissue and you have a strain or a tear. if it hurts and you continue to throw, you will go from a strain to a tear quickly (especially if you throw hard). shut it down and see how it feels tomorrow. if it continues to hurt for a week when you throw, GO TO THE DOCTOR! you are hurt and need to rehab.

after an exam, the rehab is complete rest and the light dumbell and tubing exercises. they do this to see if it will work. if it does, you had a strain, if not, they have to do an mri or other procedure to see if you have a tear or rupture. then you are done for a long time.

the best thing you can do is strengthen the weak links in the chain like someone has at the bottom of their posts. to do this you focus on strengthening the small muscles of the shoulder. you train the 3 in the front when you throw, but not the 2 in the back. they need to be targeted. you use light dumbells because the small muscles can’t handle extreme loads. the big muscles will take over and you don’t want that.

also you need to keep you range of motion in your shoulder.

let’s see if you’re reading this. take your shirt off and place your throwing hand behind your back with the back of your hand against your back and reach up between your shoulder blades as far as you can against your back. have someone mark where the tips of your fingers are with something. then do the same thing with your non-throwing hand. is there a difference? 90% of pitchers cannot reach as high with their throwing hand as they can with their non-throwing hand.

my daughter wants me to get dinner so i’ll stop here. if you have this and want to know how to work on it just post. if your arm stays like this it will get tender in the shoulder as you throw harder.


20 long tosses on “game day” is too much!

And then you’re going to do your regular warm-up routine in the bullpen?

On the day of a start, you are better off confining most of your throwing to the bullpen.

A few long tosses on “game day” is OK, but 20 is far too many, in my opinion. By the time you’re done in the bullpen, you will already have too high of a pitch count as your arm is not only loose, but it is now in the process of breaking down - and you haven’t even thrown the first pitch of the game yet.

Long toss is more of a training and in-between-starts type of thing.

In fact, some pitchers like to do it the day after pitching - depending on what their pitch count was.

David Emerling
Memphis, TN