Long toss distance translating to velocity


What are thoughts on the distance of long toss translating to how much velocity one has. I’ve heard 300 feet being a bench mark for around 90mph, how many agree with that, or is that far from accurate?


At most may be a measure of potential but not current velocity on a mound.


Seems to me that a 300-foot rope will require higher velocity than a 300-foot high arc. :confused:


No doubt. But ability to throw 300 feet does not directly translate to velocity off a mound. Factors I assume include efficiency or lack of, lower body involvement, etc. My son can consistently throw 300 plus feet and on a good day can get out close to 330. Hasn’t come close to touching 90 yet.


Pitcher 17 experience is pretty common I think. Same situation with my son. I know a friend was a pro who never threw over 180 feet and could sit 92-93. I have watched Zito toss out to 300 + feet, climb on the bump and throw 84. It really depends.
So, a guy can generate the arm speed to throw the ball that far but not necessary coordinate his mechanics to take advantage of it. Longtoss is great IMHO to condition the arm and as a part of arm care. The point of throwing for distance is to measure the effort of the throws, it gives immediate and real feed back. A person could get all of the same benefits throwing into a net at 20 feet. The hard part is getting real feedback that way.


The only reason I throw longer distances is to dial in consistency in throwing mechanics. I did not say pitching mechanics. If one can b accurate at long distance, then accuracy at shorter distances will be enhanced. For arm strength, it doesn’t matter if it’s 300 feet or 20 feet for getting your arm up to speed.