Long toss + bullpen?

I want to do both long toss and bullpen sessions this winter for the first time and need some advice on making some sort of schedule. Is it a good idea to do long toss and immediately after do bullpen? or every other day do bullpen and every other day do long toss? Please respond thanks

great question. i recommend alternating a bullpen from the mound one day, then long toss the next. if you do a bullpen and long toss on the same day, dave duncan had mike moore and the athletics do their long toss after their bullpen, said it helped velocity and they felt better the next day.

Well, I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I like the Nolan Ryan view of pitching. The more the better. Although, there are limits. However, wouldn’t it be better to longtoss then throw a bullpen, as longtossing would get your arm really warm Dusty Delso? This is what I did every other day during summer ball last year. (On the days i didn’t I would longtoss medium). Never felt any pain and i gain a few mph as well. I know it may seem stupid to do this during summer ball, as it would prepare you for nothing (lol), unless you’re playing fall ball. But i wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work for preparing for spring ball.
Just my two cents.


long toss is much more than warm up. if you do long toss properly, you should not be able to complete a bullpen afterward. half of long toss is played at max to near max velocity using a crow hop or running type approach. if you long toss at warm up intensity you’re not doing too much. would be better to throw at 70% working on location.

thanks. I see. I did longtoss like that before bullpens, but maybe not to go as far as saying that i didn’t have any gas left in the tank.

I guess I’m just into the Nolan Ryan theory. But now i know how to really longtoss.

Thanks again