Long toss and velocity

I am 17 years old and throw around 78 mph. I do have good command but really am hoping to throw 90+ by my freshmen season in college (2 years away). I am wondering which long toss would be more beneficial: one in which I throw every other day at max effort or when I throw nearly everyday at 65-70%. Which one would be better for gaining arm strength and ultimately velocity?

Would you also recommend throwing nearly everyday even if I long toss at max effort? Even if its just light toss?

I’m kind of in offseason mode right now and just want to gain strength. (In case you were wondering I got cut from my varsity baseball btw)

It depends on what you like and what you can handle. I like Jaeger’s stuff and that is what I use for my players. I have a 14 year old that is hitting the 8’s constantly after a couple of weeks on his program and we havent even started off season training let. It can be stressful though and you have to be honest with yourself while training or you could screw something up.

Is there a link or anything on the web that says what Jaeger;s long toss program is? Thanks

jaeger sports.com