Long Toss and Bullpen

I’m starting to do long toss to increase my pitching velocity and strengthening the arm.
My question is: With long toss alone, should my velocity increase? Or should I throw bullpen too aside from the long toss?

long toss is great for your arm as it stretches it and builds strength

I would recommend throwing long toss as much as you can but try and get 2 bullpen sessions a week in

I throw long toss and do bullpens in the same day and then have a extra day of longer toss

bullpens help alot with mechanics and better mechanics also increase velocity

good luck

I have found that Jaeger’s long toss program helped my own son increase velocity. When doing the progam keep in mind that the pull down phase is a crucial part of this program.

Yes you dont want to just work on throwing far with a lot of arc without coming in doing pull down throws. The pulldown throws are what help you channel that extra arm strength into possible velocity off the mound.