Long term Aussie shoulder Injury

Hi guys and girls,

Bit of a story here. I’m an Aussie baseball player, (yes we play it here). I’m coming back from a very long layoff (8 years), I’m 32 now. Anyway when I was last playing I was playing in the top local grade and had a stint in our old proffesional league before arm injuries crept in.

Anyway, I gave the game away as pain was too much and got married had a kid etc. Anyway, have recently picked up the glove again to have one last crack.

8 years ago I was found to have Bursitis of the shoulder so was advised rest and rehab so thought 8 years should be plenty. I went back to the doc in December last year and was found to still have Bursitis and was prescribed anti-inflammatorys and another rehab program. I spent 6 months without throwing but just working on the shoulders and it felt great. After 6 months I started throwing and felt great but now as training has started I can feel it coming back again.


This is the weird thing. When warming up prior to the game I can throw with zero pain between 90ft. As I start to go further than 90ft and I start to use my legs I start to feel the pain and long toss hurts. So throwing flat without legs I feel no pain, when I introduce my legs, it hurts.

Now when I pitch, I have lost my leg drive and use too much arm, but that doesn’t hurt. When I add leg drive, the arm hurts again which is frustrating because I know with leg drive, I can get better velocity.

So wondering if anyone has heard of anything about shoulder pain and legs? Frankly all the scans and ex-rays on my shoulder have shown no injury except for some bursitis so I’m wondering if my legs have something to do with it considering that it’s when I introduce my legs, the shoulder hurts.

Sorry for the long post.

Cheers mates!

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My guess would be that when you try to use your legs, you introduce some other mechanical or timing flaw that puts more load on your shoulder. Can you post any video for us to look at?