Long shoulder injury, trying to get back to pre injury status

Hello, my name is Tanner Thomason and I am a Junior in college but freshman athletically due to injury and covid. I hurt my shoulder the summer before my senior year of high school (roughly summer 2018) I was a closer and working up to 89 on the mound sitting 86-88. I had a bursitis surgery in may of 2019 and then recently had a bicep tendonesis surgery to shorten and relocate my bicep tendon in October of 2020. I wasn’t on a mound until about 3 weeks ago in game, been throwing bullpens since may 2021 and I have not been able to find any of my velocity. I am sitting 78-79 topping around 81. Does anyone have any answers as to what I can do? Before I got hurt I was around 5’10 250 lbs I am now 6’1 and 218 lbs so I feel like I should be throwing harder? If anyone has any input I am really looking forward to hearing responses.

Well, from what you described you can certainly use some help. Good that you dropped the excess weight. Perhaps you can learn from an old guy who has been there and done that (e.g., injuries) and still played some pro ball, but more importantly can throw today as an old man thanks in large part to physics. One of my “students” is 62 and throws 87 mph.

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Did they remove or just drain the Bursa?

Check old video and see if you kept the longitudinal direction of your Humerus in line with your Acromial line (Imaginary line that runs from shoulder tip to tip)? Most pitchers are not taught to keep this mechanic in alignment. Having your Humerus Horizontally abduct is a pathomechanic and worse if it is Hyper Horizontally abducted out of alignment. All Labrum periphery tears are caused by this action when forwards contractions start, then release and recovery on the opposite side. You might not have this problem, yours is congenital but the same action effects your area of concern!

. The muscles that rotate your Humerus back the other way during ballistic shortening
(rotator cuff muscles) lay under your Bursa and if it is tight from Bursal swelling will impinge?

Were your previous or current mechanics late like most?

This is where your Humerus is not outwardly rotated while swinging your arm back and when your glove side foot plants your Humerus would still be inwardly rotated. This is another gateway pathomechanic that has you strain the rotator cuff muscles causing inflammation and again right under your Bursa.

Mitigation’s; keep your Humerus in line with your acromial line from the start of the delivery and all the way through to recovery by striding short, staying tall and rotating 180 degrees. When you take your arm back be outwardly rotating it so your little finger is under the ball by your forearm also supinating on the way back. When you start to drive immediately elevate your Humerus vertically so you can intuitively Forearm pronate all your pitch types (do not Forearm supinate any pitch!). Eliminate the S. Curve and throw a Pronated slider instead. You should learn a P. Cutter to complete glove side moving pitch types. To cover the ball arm side movement learn the screwball, it will teach how to get ball arm side movement on your other fastball and is intuitively pronated.

Good luck, you have some work to do and is best done by reading Dr. Mike Marshall’s info.

Especially the Wrist weight and lead ball portion of the info. Don’t worry about the bottom half info because you will not be handed the ball if you use this perfected mechanic.

Any question just ask.

later Lon J. Fullmer

Any question just ask:

Why do people believe in nonsense?


Why do people believe in nonsense?

This is a question that while legitimate, perplexes many because they see marketing hype that is brought forth by non experts in many fields they claim they are experts in!

It is immediately recognizable in that they have to claim their expertise with each exchange to sell their oil. I call it the “professor Irwin Corey effect” or “mirrored lie” and many gullible people fall for it.

You can usually see in statements of many florid comments that when challenged for meaning, will not get a honest response. This is why I explain things in detail with explanations when I think someone may not understand a word or phrase.

They also revert to blanket statements that also when challenged will not get an honest answer back, this obvious technique is usually put in form of a challenge without specificity.

People whom believe the “nonsense” are doomed to repeat it and suffer down the road without the perpetrator being admonished for it because they hide behind a pseudonym that normally has the truth inadvertently put forth in the pseudonym. This is why I actually use my real name because unlike most I believe transparency will help more than obfuscation.

Hope that helps and again if you have any Blanket questions, just ask?

Lon Fullmer

PS, I’m still waiting for the answer to the question I posed you a long time ago? what gives, you say you are a physicist but never answer questions given to you, here I will ask it again.

What is the formula for calculating the

“loss during redirection of angular momentum of a tethered object in atmospheric and gravitational conditions driven by a muscular force production” ?

I ask this of all claimant math experts to see if they understand there is no angular momentum gain during lengthening with agonist and antagonist Human kinetic chains. I’ll wait for your qualified answer, hopefully you are what you say you are and not a fraud because I would really like to know, we are talking about others suffering without anywhere to actually go for answers accept one place.

I would also like to apologise to Lets talk pitching in advance for truthfully answering your question that I normally ignore, but you did put it in the form of a blanket question and ignoring it would give you permissing to continue these types of subliminal attacks. I am trying to help people who do not understand their injurius force applications.

I advise people (i.e., most of them) to get over themselves. Physics know-how notwithstanding.