Long run?

Hey Steven Ellis, I have a proposition for ya… introducing a long run into the phase 3 of tuffcuff for more than once a week. I need to lose weight… would it be ok?

Tempo runs and higher intensity cardio building up over a longer period of time are actually a better conditioning exercise for weight loss than long distance running at a slow pace. In other words, you’d be better off doing 4x400’s under 60 seconds with 90 seconds rest in between than running a slow 1 mile.

and slow down on the eating there sparky

Hand-n-hand with your efforts goes nutrition. Check out all the information that you can on this subject because nutrtition should be your VERY FIRST STEP in any workout plan.

Starve the body of nutrition under a limited intake idea, with nothing else going for it, will only demand more from your digestion organs than you realize, when the body needs energy - before, during and after your workout.(of any kind) (I’m not suggesting that any one here has told you to do that, so don’t go there.)

Of course eating less is one way to go -but don’t go it alone without understanding what your body needs and why. Check out what and why your body needs carbohydrates, protein, fiber. Your body is in a constant balancing act with respect to dealing with Calories and nutrition. Calories are a kind of measurement for energy contained in food. But, a balance in that food should be with vitamins and minerals. Take soda for example - 140 calories (for some), yet nothing else to balance off the equation.

Also, enzymes are so important to you during your digestion process, and if hydration is not part of your way of life, enzymes can’t do their job properly. Going hand-n-hand with all this is your elctrolyte balance that supports activity.

In Steve’s book, he has one of the best outlines for put’g your starting blocks down, and running with nutrition. I would suggest you get your hands on a copy, read it good, research just how important nutrtion is to any athlete, then when the starter’s gun goes off - bolt!

Need to trim up? I would suggest roaming the web and research:

metabolism - building up/tearing down
calories balanced with nutrition
electrolytes - hyperthermia, hypothermia, hyponatremia
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
high fiber foods
Cabohydrates - simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, starches, fiber
Functions of the Liver, pancreas
duration and time release of engery based on certain food intakes - why?
foods rich in Beta Carotene.

Your going to hear, from time to time, how supplements help you along the way, and at certain times. Don’t be your own sport’s doctor here. Yes, some sports drinks and stuff can help - BUT, they can turn into a replacement (in your mind) for the good stuff. So, just be careful in this area, … do your homework. :bodybuilder:

Coach B.