Long pants, short pants, uniform rant

This is a post about style and comfort…

If you wear your pants long, do you ever feel this annoying tug on the crotch of you pants when you lift your stride leg…the leg lift puts stress on the fabric, pulls the pant leg up on your back ankle, and it’s annoying… although once the game starts I don’t even feel it…

Plus, if you have a quality pair of pants, not a cheap pair of 100% polyseter, it’s not as bad of a tug either because the pants have stretch to them…

When you wear short pants pulled up to the knees, socks high, that tug is eliminated.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you look like a total dork out their in some clown of a baseball unifrom… I mean, if you wear a baseball uniform in normal life, you look totally ridiculous … it really is a style of garment that’s completely relative to the ball field… unlike, say, a basketball uniform.

this whole pants over the shoes thing is a little ridiculous.

The first guy I ever saw where the long pants down to the ankles was Roger MCdowell in 1988. He should be credited as the first to do it, but I haven’t seen him get any such credit.

I myself wear my pants up to my knees because it feels better and I dont look like a dork on the diamond. Like everone else does.

High socks. No doubt.

I dont like the players these days that wear their pants way too baggy, that’s not baseball, and i’m not that big a fan of wearing the cuff of the pants over the cleats.

I remember Ricky Botallico fixes the ankles of his pants after every pitch because they ride up his leg. I think it’s became like a twitch though, he probably doesn’t know he’s doing it now.

Regarding the baggy pants…actually, its a throwback… back in the day of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams and Mantle etc. players wore those baggy woolen pants … it wasn’t till the 70s that the pants got tight like spandex…

As for wearing the cuffs over the cleats, that’s just ridiculous. Bonds is the first I saw do that.


As for wearing the cuffs over the cleats, that’s just ridiculous. Bonds is the first I saw do that.[/quote]

i got pants like that, but then again i decided I didn’t wanna pitch anymore after I had the shoulder injury…it doesn’t bother playing the infield but the cuffs tend to ride up over my cleats half the time, i think i got my pants a size too small…they’re not quite as baggy as i would’ve liked neither

Wear them baggy if you have high socks, like Juan Pierre… but not like Manny Ramirez. Can’t be a gangster on the diamond. Not cool.

i always wore my pants to where they ended near the botom of my knee and then tucked them into my high socks

Im a big fan of the high socks. I dunno… it’s just my style. I wear them higher than anyone on the team, all the way at my knee. Everyone else goes to about mid shin or doesnt roll them up at all. Luckily we have tight ankle parts so they cant be put over the cleat.

same heremy socks are as high as can be…