Long distance running for pitchers over rated?

What are some of your opinions on long distance running for pitchers???
I personally believe it is over rated as a way of developing leg strength but does have some benefit as far as endurance. Dont get me wrong, I think it sould bea small part of a pitcher’s conditioning program but i think a 20 minute curcuit of short explosive trunk, flexor, and leg movements is far more effective than a 30 minute run. What are your opinions??

I do not like long distance running for baseball players. It does not improve leg strength and I don’t think it helps pitching endurance. Pitching endurance means being able to repeat explosive movements repeatedly without any decrease in power. Nothing about long distance running is explosive. Studies have actually shown long distance running to decrease power.

I’m not saying that long distance running will ruin your career because many pitchers have done it for many years and been alright but I don’t think its the best thing to do.

Agree Mike…just wish my coaches had !

i agree with the small loss of power, but it keeps your arm from being sore


I agree that it may help with the reduction of soreness but I think there are better ways to do that also. You could try running 15 100 yard sprints with 45-60 seconds rest. This would take 15-20 minutes to complete and would get the blood flowing through the arm to reduce the soreness.

Bartolo Colon

C.C. sabathia

Sidney Ponson


Personally speaking, my 13yr old jogs for about 10-15 minutes on the days he pitch. After the game he usually does this or run poles. Sometimes he gets on a stationary bike and does cardio if he didn’t run that day. It has helped him recover and he has never iced.

After the game, I would just run poles with my teamates, but instead of jogging, I would sprint them out. Go slow-then build up speed, slow it down, then do it again. I, too, have never iced in my life.

One thing that bugged me while playing last summer is that my coach would have us run laps for awhile, or sets of poles-jog pace. I never understood why, but at the same time, I was still trying to relearn the game since I hadn’t played in a few years due to a broken arm. Guess what happened? Our team was slow on the bases-hmm, wonder why… If we would have focused more on sprint based drills, like I used to do in little league, we would have been much better off! Instead, we didn’t, and it showed!

yeah, I don’t see the guys above doing too much sprinting. Although, let’s face it, they have tree trunks.

Also, this may be a random question, but do you all think if Bartolo Colon slimmed down a little, he could prolong his career-still throw the same speed, and even get rid of some of the back pain he feels?