Long-Arming (Please Advise)

Need some advise – My son (15yr old freshman) through video analysis is really long-arming (frailing) and getting to the high cock position prior to landing. Any suggestions on how to correct these two issues?

Thanks Guys!

How old is he? Do you have video? Timing can be a real pain to get right…there are drills on the site that really help…swim around a bit and if you still aren’t comfortable…get us some video and we’ll make some suggestions.

Like JD said, timing is tough to analyze without seeing video. You seem to indicate your son’s arm is early at one point in his delivery. But it could also be the case that the rest of his body is late at that same point. Always two ways to look at things.

Why do you think these are issues?

There are multiple major leaguers who do both of these things.

[youtube]<- YouTube

His biggest problem is his big old head jerk, not long arming or getting to high-cocked too early.

He has done this for years and I cannot get him to keep his head relatively level…Ok, what is the secret to correcting this? Rope. chains, anchors??? :?