Ok… I’ve tried to figure this one out long enough!

I’m not a computer type of person. My head coach issued me a lap top two years ago so I could feed him stats and other stuff, and I couldn’t get use to — even worse, remember all the data talk lingo and jargon.

So, without seeming any more back-woods than I am, would someone please tell me what … lol means.

Coach B.


hahhaa, comeon Coach B! Get with it!

Laughing Out Loud…

I LOL’d at that post Coach!

Before you embarrass yourself again (I’m sorry, but that’s just common knowledge), type anything into google, and you’ll usually find an answer.

For lingo, I recommend for your troubles…

Wow J-Roc that’s a classy post.

The guy comes on here for some help with some lingo, all you needed to do was answer the question.

I’d be more embarrassed if I were you than him. Perhaps it’s common knowledge for a high school or college student, but for someone who’s well into adulthood it is a fairly new thing (around 2000).

But yeah, that was pretty mean 8)

Check google and wikipedia first


wikipedia == amazing

What if wikipedia and google had a baby? It would be god!

LOL That’d just be scary.

Thank you for the help on that question. I retired recently and during my active coaching I was more of a field coach vs a computer lingo guy. Fact is, I don’t care for these machines much.

In any event, I’ve taken a lot of good natured kidding about my lack of expertise on the subject(s), and I’m sure that J-Roc wasn’t being anything but - good natured kidding. Besides, coaches at my age come with a pretty tough hide, --I don’t mind. However, when I don’t know somethnig – and that’s a lot, – I’ll ask.

Thanks for the info.

Coach B.

don’t feel too bad. i asked the very same question to jacob21 two weeks ago and i’m 46. there are things we know that they don’t and they may never ask (like how to throw a real spitter or scuff the ball like some hall of famers i know of). and you can always buzz the tower to get attention when needed (just like the old timers did).

This isn’t any kind of disrespect. I find this topic acceptable and I respect you very much and its always good to have a little fun with a topic like this. I just want to show you two websites that will help you with almost any kind of question. I as most people have fell in love with these two sites that were mentioned earlier. Any time I need a piece of information if it’s homework or something I saw on T.V. or like the other day I wondered how a microwave worked. Small things like that. They are


Google can help you with almost any question you want. I wanted to know how a microwave worked. I went to “Google” and I typed in how a microwave works. That’s it, now I had material to read to answer my stupid questions.

Now “wikipedia” is really just an online encylepedia. It’s perfect for homework but I use it for a lot of different things it really does have everything. In fact if you type a lot of things into goodle you will come up with a wikipedia link to a topic on the wikipedia website.

You may know about these but I just wanted to show you two websites that can really help you out, especially with any kind of question you may have to anything.

Have fun on the comptuer. :smiley: :smiley:

No disrespect have fun. I’m not saying to refrain from making a topic like this but these sites can come in helpful with anything you may need.

After re-reading that, I did seem a bit harsh, I wasn’t meaning to at all, I swear.