Lokking for some thoughts for my 15 yr old-


I have a dilemma that I would like some help with to see if I am missing any angles. My son is a prospect. He is a pitcher. A little background. I pitched myself collegiatley. Im 6’4 220.

He is 6’ 160 and has a very live arm. With elite arm action. As his wingspan is 6’7. He threw 79 stand still flat ground over the summer. Like many kid’s he played alot of travel baseball and logged quite a few innings. He would come up with a sore arm. Nothing in the shoulder or elbow. Just over all soreness. Like the deadarm feeling that most of us pitchers have felt at one time or another. I decided to give him his Freshman year off and play golf. ( we had him see an orthopod and went through the appropriate steps )

If he can throw 79 cold- ( which if I would of known I wouldnt of let him ) Then he can hit the low eighties warm and off a mound. Which means he is on his way to the elusive 90’s as his body fills out as he matures. He is not even close to having his mature body.

I was approached by a scout. A better way to say it. Is he has contacts that trust him and has placed quite a few kids. He told me that Jr. is maybe a draft kid. If not College for sure. This was a couple years ago.

My dilemma is I dont trust his Highschool coach. Given the chance he will over use him. I am pretty sure of that. I was considering golf for him and core training for one more year before I let him loose.

Any thoughts would be appreciated-

Get some video up, so we can look at what he looks like pitching right now!

I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way. If you have pitched in college, then you probably know what it takes to get there. You got to have a good bit of latent talent, a little bit of good coaching and a chance to show what you’ve got. And you have to want it. And you can’t make yourself want it.

As a father, you’ve already supplied the biggest part of the determining factor…you’ve donated your genetic code. The last fifteen years you’ve spent developing your son’s personality for better or worse or some combination of both. By the time he reaches high school, his will is stronger than anything a father can muster up. He’s either going to want to do it or not.

You can micro manage the next three years if you choose but I don’t think the human mind of a father is capable of detecting and reasoning through all the variables that makes up a high school experience. What I mean to say is, when you look back let’s say six or seven years from now, you are going to wonder why you spent so much time contemplating how to control the outcomes.

Therefore, I would not be influenced by anyone suggesting that your son is a major league prospect, or college material or any other such predictions. Tomorrow is more important than next year or the year after. Do what is right for your son tomorrow and let the rest develop. That is the way it is going to play out anyway. I would develop a few general guidelines. Make choices based on them. Here are some examples my kids would recognize:

  1. Our family name is to be protected. We are proud of who we are. We will do nothing to embarrass our family.

  2. We are rock solid in what we believe and we will stand up for the things that are right.

  3. We start something; we finish it.

  4. We are self reliant but we believe that ultimately God is in control.

With that last one in mind…I was able to have a working relationship with my son’s high school coach who was the biggest sob this side of the Mississippi.

Good Luck.