Loking for an update

Can anybody out there fill me in on what’s going on with our guy tannerlorenz? I’ve tried searching the site but unfortunately can’t find any info by myself.


Good to see you old boy. Tanner was just posting not too far back, maybe a month or two, he’s goin D-1 Louisiana style (SE La St I believe)…he was sounding great and kickin butt takin names.
How about you? If we can get the Hammer back to postin it’ll be old homey week :nod: he was in season and he usually doesn’t post much then.

JD! Great to hear from you too!

Thanks for the update on Tanner, good for him, glad to hear it.

As for me, not much is going on in the world of Baseball. My career is over, it was a good run had lotsa fun learned a ton. Miss it everyday but oh well, things are great. Just got engaged recently and am looking to start the next chapter in my life with my beautiful and wonderful soon to be wife!

Hopefully I’ll be on here more to post and share my experiences and thoughts and indeed if we can get Hammer back on here it’ll be old homey week indeed!

Not over…just time for the next page…great pitchers need great coaches… :wink: You love it, you’ll never quite get away.

I’d love to Coach JD you have no idea. I’ve been toying with the idea for a little while, I just don’t know where to start up here in the great ol’north lol.

Where we live there’s one local “Elite/Rep/High End” Travel ball team, and then the rest is you’re local competitive ball and of couse house league. There season this year is starting to wind down, so I’m looking towards next season to see where I’d be able to jump in and start helping.

I have what you might call a glimmer :wink: (Remember I’m counting down the days until I get to help with my grandson 8) )

Hey and outstanding and congrats on the relationship deal…just think you get to start your own team :shock:
My advice to the newly married or those about to be…Give all you’ve got and expect nothing…that way you’ll never be disappointed and always know you’ve done your part.

[quote=“jdfromfla”]…just think you get to start your own team :shock:

Not a while yet my friend :rolllaugh:

Thanks for the congrats and the advice I’ll be sure to keep that in mind!