Logan Adams 15 yrs old Pitching Mechanics



A few suggestions before I comment:

  1. Get some adequate lighting
  2. Move the camera further away from you so we can see your entire body
  3. Include a few throws with the camera placed on the 3B side as well as the catcher’s view
  4. Delivery where you hold onto the ball, the arm motion will not look the same as when you release a ball for real


Ok thank you Paul!


It says the video was removed by the user.
When you get a new one uploaded, I’ll have a look.


I uploaded a new one


Most people on this site who offer critiques/advice are sincere. Some are certainly more experienced and knowledgeable than others but with an open mind those less knowledgeable folks will learn from the discussions here. I’m not sure what it is you think people over-do but I suggest you open your mind.


Completely irrelevant to this topic.


Says vid does not exist