Location Issue

So I’ve completely lost my fastball mechanics and no matter what I do I haven’t been able to locate it where I wanted to. It happened to me last year, but I was able to pick things back up again this summer while I was away from school and then the first two weeks back at school, I was hitting spots with ease.
After that thought I’ve only been able to locate my circle-change and knuckle-curve ball consistently for strikes about 90% of the time and my fastball 0% of the time in bullpens and games.
With trying not to make excuses, I believe that its due to the workouts that our coach has us doing and thus making the muscles in my forearm and upperbody tight > restricting my movement and then making it feel like im cutting myself off and not extending like I can. I’ve been starting doing Yoga for 1 hour every night to try to stay loose.
Anyone have any thoughts? Or suggestions?

[quote]I’ve been starting doing Yoga for 1 hour every night to try to stay loose.
Anyone have any thoughts? Or suggestions? [/quote]

Rick Peterson is big on yoga…had the entire Mets staff doing it.
Sounds more like a confidence thing to me. If you think that you won’t you won’t… Remember that each new pitch is something new, the biggest recommendation I have in these sorts of situations is to relax, let your body and mechanics do the work (Relax doesn’t mean throw softer, it just means don’t get all caught up with it…just do your normal delivery and flow to the target). Get the ball, throw it, seems too simple, but really the more time you spend bearing down, the worse or less consistant it’ll be…so what if you miss, square it up pick up the target and let your body flow to it. Many pitchers do superstitious things like wiping off the rubber with their feet, or stepping off and rubbing it down…I say whatever works :wink: Quit worrying and have fun, it will clear up sooner than you think.

could just be mechanics…thats happend to me before, id fall off mound with unsound mechanics. what it does is gives my breaking pitches alot more break and good location. i feel it does this because id focus on release point rather than mechanics. but with a fastball you use more body force so your release point your using for breaking stuff is sped up and uncontrollable. start slowing down, take more bullpens and try and throw everything exactly the same way, start slow and get a feel for it.

Here’s something I used to do when I was a little snip—and continued to do from time to time during the years that I played. I would get a catcher, and we would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate 60’6’’ apart—or, if we had access to a playing field I would work off the mound—and we would play this little game we called “ball and strike”. The catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, on the corners, just about everywhere, and what I had to do was pitch to the various spots, get the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the catcher’s mitt—and what a satisfying feeling it was to hear that “thwack” as the ball hit the pocket. I did this with all my pitches, and believe me, it’s an excellent way to sharpen one’s control, get a good rhythm going, and work on mechanics, all at the same time. We would go at it for an hour at a time—an excellent workout. You might try this; it would probably help you get that fast ball back uncer control. :idea: 8)