Loading the hips + corscrew the hips


Hi everyone , I am currently work on loading my hips efficiently and ride and slide . So I would like to know which one look better. In the first video I feel like I ride the slide more and my feet is stronger to the ground however I don’t feel like I corscrew the hips . In the second video i almost feel like I push the hips , but also feel like I corscrew the hips better.

Thanks for your help.

video 1 side view : https://youtu.be/yxV6RjDVmUY
Video 1 back view:https://youtu.be/EzVbVUxOyG8
video 2 side view : https://youtu.be/b9H1-eCoBHY
Video 2 back view:https://youtu.be/0XwqdAq2Ckw
What I would like to look like and feel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qMQ-BnXQuQ


Which one looks better really depends on the effect it has on the remainder of your delivery which we can’t see.


the main thing standing out to me here doesn’t have to do with your lower body. take a look at darvish in the video you attached. while he is rotating his hips slightly, his upper body remains straight. his leading shoulder (left shoulder) is pointing to the plate. he never dips his right shoulder either. so while working on your hip movement make sure to keep these things in mind. in your videos it seems that you are dipping your rear shoulder which is pointing your front shoulder up.



Yes in the second video you do push the hips out more instead of gathering and driving out. If you are concerned about not loading the hips then pre-set or load your hips in the stretch position prior to leg lift. Take the guessing game out of the equation.