Loading the front hip?

I noticed that a lot of MLB pitchers when the take thier leg kick the leg their lifting crosses over their plant leg.

Does that load the front hip?

I heard over the overseason Ervin Santana worked on his mechanics. His pitching coach said he wasn’t loading his front hip correctly. Now his leg crosses over his plant leg, that’s why I asked.

I was also at the Phillies when they played the D-Backs, when Adam Eaton and Randy Johnson were pitching. I walked all around the stadium to get different views of their mechs.

I noticed Eaton’s mechanics were pretty smooth and very compact. He also crosses over his plant leg.

Johnson really gets moving forward quickly and he is a freakin giant on the mound.

Does anyone know why pitchers cross over their plant leg and if it loads the front hip?



Yes, crossing over can help load the hip abductors to aid in swinging the front leg out into foot plant which helps create momentum.

when you throw your lead leg back, and then it acelerates toward the plate and creates more momentum going toward the plate as opposed to the “up, down, and out” method. picture this:

your throwing your leg back farther, and then its acelerting toward the plate, and when it finally lands, you have a greater rotational force that is wanting to pull your upper half around more.