Does anyone have clips of pitchers loading and unloading their scaps? I have a few but more is appreciated.

These are the ones I have








You guys got anymore? Preferable people who throw 95+. Thanks

nice clips Kaz!

So they all just “pick up the ball with their elbows” and have inverted L or inverted W? That seems like an easy way to gain velocity.

your supposed to pick up the ball with your elbow. 3 of them don’t have IW can you tell which ones?

Brown, Clemens, and Smoltz?

It’s either Smoltz or Johnson.

I’m trying to work on my arm action to load the scaps, but it’s not a smooth action. Can you help me?

I’m not raising the elbows, I’m just trying to pinch my scaps by literally bringing my hand out of my glove and just pulling it back until it’s about parallel to my ribs and then raising my forearm so I’m in the “high cocked” position.

If this is confusing I’ll try to clarify.

Smoltz is IW. Johnson dosen’t have either. Pretty easy stuff to tell

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Oh I don’t have them I need to get an AIM.

But can you try to help me with the info from the previous post? I’m trying to load my scaps better, but it’s not a fluid motion.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable should help you. I’m still learning how to properly scap-load. But SetPro does wonders so look into that.

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