I hope you guys like this as much as me

check it out

If i ever saw one of those kids i’d slap them. that one kid is lookin pretty puff’ tho

Crazy Frog Bros. +15 years :lol:

the kids are definately better but there is no way those guys are like 30 cuz those kids are like 10 in the first but the were posted a couple of months apart… :slight_smile:

probably there dads, haha

Ok fella’s… here’s the situation:

Your with a group of draft picks … and the top executive, GM and head coach are trying to narrow the field.

Quick… think!!!

Pick a guy out of the group who you know is a sure bet … then pull out a CD player with this tune on, … point to the sure bet guy … shout out …" LET’S DO THIS!!!" Hit the PLAY button…

And give it your best shot!!!

Remember … they don’t call it the SHOW for nothing…

if u guys seriously think these kids are funny WOW hahaha