I was watching alittle league world series game and the 2 kids both 13 were each throwing 77-78 and it just doesnt look that fast at all. My brother asa senior threw low 80’s and it looked 10 times faster than theses kids are throwing. Do u all think there really throwing 78-80

I think that’s the converted speed. See in little league they’re using smaller fields, so when you throw it’s always the same M.P.H but because your closer it’s harder to hit. Theres a formula to calculate it.

So say 65 is like 80 because they’re on a smaller field and its closer to the batter.

It may be just me, but those kids looked like they should have been at 60’6", I really wonder what Little League was thinking with the age rule change…that kid that got plunked on the head was a fraction away from a broken jaw or worse, when you have kids already into puberty throwing hard to pre-pubescent kids it is a disaster waiting to happen. Great drama for 21 k’s but IMO it’s causing a false pretense of greatness…Just exactly like Danny Almonte only now it’s sort of legal. It is what it is and I won’t change it, I just think it sad and unnecessary.

I wonder how many of the kids in the little league world series make it to the majors?

I don"t know, but I remember hearing Derek Jeter played in the little league world series.

Mark McGuire, Gary Scheffield for sure did.

Well, I live in Williamsport and not many make it to the majors. I’m not sure how many get drafted but I know only a few have made it to the majors. In little league anything 70mph and above is bringin’ it.

Kyle Carter from Georgia last year was throwing 80.

I don’t understand this statement. The rule change just moved the line for birthdays slightly so that kids could actually play under the correct league age for their season. My brother is the perfect example. His bday is in July, so he had always been forced to play up a year. He was actually 10, but forced to play as a league age 11 even though he was 10 for the entire season. That means he got pulled up to the higher league with kids who were a lot bigger and better than he was, and as a result he struggled and spent most of the year as a sub. This last season with the change, he was able to stay in the 12 year old league instead of getting pulled up to the larger field and it made a huge difference. He was playing with kids his own size and skill level and he actually got to start most of the year at catcher. Most importantly he learned a lot and should be extremely confident going into next season.

I guess my point is that you need to look at how many people this rule change helped, rather than the extremely small number of giant kids playing in the LLWS.

I’m sure it is and was benficial to your brother, and many others KC, my perspective is that I saw no real need for adjustment and that putting those few that are full blown into puberty in the ranks of pre-pubecent kids is counter-productive from my vantage. I also would posit that accellorating a kid up a level or two isn’t always long run productive either, generally its IMO best to let them play age/maturity equal. Maddux is a notable exception and a whole myriad of younger brothers I think would also disagree, with me as you have rightly done.
I just feel like it’s absurd to see some kid who “should” by age and maturity be on 60’6", throw from that dinky distance and then hear what an amazing pitcher with this supposed MLB 100 mph fb, just 15, 16, 17 k’s per game…I see it as nuts.
But I don’t grudge the bottom end of the spectrum, specially if they are full of desire.

Most of those pitchers have good off-speed stuff too. That pitcher from Texas that struck out 17 had a nasty off-speed pitch (Im pretty sure it was a changeup).

JD, I dont have the rule in front of me, but I am pretty sure that it made a difference of 1-2 months. 1 or 2 months will not make a large difference in the size and strength of a pitcher. The guys you are seeing under the new rule are probably the same ones you would have seen under the old rule.

KC you are one of the best analytical thinkers that this site has uncovered, I wouldn’t and don’t quibble with your logic, perhaps we can just chalk it up to sheer random genetic mutation (What Asimov charactorized as “The Mule” in his “Foundation” trilogy…a series I think you would enjoy I might add) that just happened to coincide with the rule change, my wife believes this speeding up of the maturing process to a combination of msg and ingrediants in modern fast food which IHO causes the bodies self preservation areas to produce due to nutritcianal deficiency. I know I’m rambling but to tie my points together, my perspective is one of a coach, who has met any number of coaches who are on AS or State Championship runs, they have egos that take shaving hair to an art form, when-ever a money maker like LLWS changes something, ask why…You seem to promote that it is altuistic (To help younger kids)…I happen to think someone or someones figured how to get an edge and are exploiting it (With the additional side benefit of helping a few younger kids…great selling point!). I know it is cynical, but my life experiences tell me that when talking high stakes it is best to believe this way or the biggest majority of the time you’ll get “the short end of the stick”. I also pointed out another theory, which says until Lleyenhook, we all thought we got flies from rotten meat :smiley: