Little Tweek

The other day I was lifting weights, I think dumbell bench, and i felt a very very tiny tweek in the front of my left shoulder(non-throwing shoulder), i guess near the rotator cuff. Theres a slight pain, but nothing major. Ive just started icing it, but is there anything else i can do?

Are you taking your elbows behind your shoulders (aka your back)?

You shouldn’t be.

i dont think i am, but sometimes i do because the baseball coach who runs the conditioning program tells me to go down to my chest whenever he watches me do it

Sounds like that is your problem.

Taking the bar down to the chest when doing bench presses, while lifting too much weight, puts the muscles of your rotator cuff in a weak position and can cause muscle strains (or worse).

You need to either lift less weight or (preferably) not take the bar down to your chest (and not take your elbows behind your shoulders).

Don’t listen to advice on lifting technique over the internet. Get a certified trainer to review your technique and if you continue to have pain go see a doctor.

How about no weightlifting. Just do stretching excersizes, bullpens and running.