Little Leaguer's Shoulder

My 13 year old son has just been diagnosed with Little Leaguer’s Shoulder by an orthopedic MD. He said it is an overuse injury but was real vague on how long recovery could be. Has anyone had any experience with this type of injury?

My son had tendonitis in his elbow, and had to lay off ALL baseball for three weeks and pitching for 6 weeks. He was limited to 2 innings for the season, and told to drop his curveball until he was 14 1/2.

He had three weeks of rehab, and did everything thing the doctor told him and had a complete recovery.

Ere on the side of caution! The doc cant tell you because there are too many variables. He/she does not know how fast you son will heal, how well you will follow his orders, or how dedicated you will be to rehab.

A note, My sons Doc said over half of the guys he saw did not follow his advice, and when he saw them again they had done great damage to their arms both shoulders and elbows. For these guys, their baseball was over except as a fan.

Be cautious! Ian

My son once had a case of pitcher’s elbow (also called, I think, Little Leage elbow). The MD rescribed 6 weeks of rest. I made my son take 8 weeks off with no throwing at all. Then we started off doing short a few times for a week. Then we moved up to medium toss for a week. Then we did long toss for a week or two. We did a month of controlled, graduated-distance throwing before I even let him throw a pitch. This approach seems to have worked well as he recovered without any issues.