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Hi everyone! I am just a concerned parent that was hoping to connect with a parent whose child has been through the same thing. It has been about 6 months since my 11 year old son injured his shoulder and about 4 months since he was diagnosed with a widened growth plate(LLS). He’s rested about 4 months and has had 5 weeks of physical therapy. We just got what we thought would be his final X-ray today to show everything had healed and although it is a lot better it is still somewhat widened. Has anyone had any experience with this?? Will it ever get better?!! Just looking for some hope that my baseball loving son will heal! Thanks!

My limited insight into growth plate injuries is that they can take longer to heal than what the doc says. Your only choice is to be patient.

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Gina your son has a mechanical flaw that has his Humerus tract against a flexed pectoralis major when it drives across his chest during recovery, making it a deceleration injury. This is very common and can be eliminated in the future with proper mechanical mitigation. This growth plate does not solidify until he is biologically 19 in Equated maturers.

He performs the intuitive traditional low Humeral drive that has his arm fly outwards and his forearm drives in supination. This causes his recovery to correspond with the same angle ending up slapping across his glove side ribs and not be decelerated with powerful muscles, in fact only one muscle decelerates this drive approach the Terres minor that is also often injured. Because this approach uses the pectoralis major as the primary mover, along with his forearm supination has his Elbow drive downwards. These pathomechanics cause the proximal Humeral growth plate to crack at the mid point of the largest growth plate in the upper body by levering against a contracting pec. Most Dr’s in the past misdiagnose this as Deltoid pulls.


  1. He needs to learn all forearm pronated pitch types.

  2. He need to learn how to stay tall throughout the delivery and recovery.

  3. He needs to learn how to fully body rotate 175 degrees.

  4. He needs to learn how to pop his Elbow up during drive and release.

  5. He needs to learn how to keep his arm above the field driveline (imaginary line running between Home and second base) during drive and recovery.

Ask him to put his hand in his back ball side pocket (he won’t be able to do this fully) after release.

Any questions, just ask

Good luck in the future

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Thank you so much for your detailed response. I really appreciate it. We haven’t been happy with his doctor’s knowledge in this injury and this is way more info I got from the dr and physical therapist. Thanks again!

My only advise as a Dad of a now 17yo player who went through this as well…

  1. Find a good training facility who understands & can support his arm care and
  2. get recommendations on the best sports medicine/ortho doc around and become BFF’s!

I trust the experts in this field. So we rely heavily upon their involvement & mentorship with our son.

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Thanks! I want to protect my son but also get him well enough to do something he really loves to do. Great hearing advice from another parent. Thanks so much!