Little League requires face masks on players!


If what you mean by old-style catchers cap is what I’m thinking. Then that’s similar to what the base coaches wear. Those helmets aren’t tight enough on the head to stay on when pitching. You could say tighten them up, but there’s a certain degree of flexibility that needs to be there.

There’s a think tank somewhere out there doing the exact same thing we’re doing, and trying to figure out how to make a pitcher’s hat more safety oriented. Eventually I think it will happen, but as of right now I know I will never wear anything close to what they have out now.


I have to agree with Dino on this subject. As long as you don’t make it illegal to wear a face mask, that should be enough. Leave it up to the parents and coaches to decide what’s best for their team.

I also agree that all levels of baseball should go back to wood-only bats. While the new BBCOR standards are helping, it doesn’t take any more effort to modify those bats than it used to pre-BBCOR. It sure would be nice to be able to have a way to physically tell if a bat has been altered though.


Haha… this post is sooo old! But what the hell, I’ll join in. It’s like when I went downhill skiing in Tahoe a few years ago for the first time since I was a kid (wasn’t allowed to ski in pro ball, and never had time in high school or college) and EVERYONE was wearing helmets. I agree with the previous posts… leave it optional. If you want to look like a tool, wear em. If not, don’t. :slight_smile:

I keed, I keed!


Hello, my name is Charles Bradbary and I am a sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte. I am entering my schools’ pitch competition later this month and am currently doing market research for a pitching helmet that I am designing. This would be an alternative to the face guards that softball pitchers currently wear while also being designed for pitchers in baseball. I understand that your time is very valuable but if you could take a moment to answer these six questions it will help me get an understanding of the potential demand for a product such as this. I greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide!


Charles Bradbary

Queens University of Charlotte Class of 2021