Little League Elbow

My 14 year old son was diagnosed with little league elbow, he had an MRI done today which showed a 15 to 11 millimeter fracture on the outside of his elbow on the humerus, we will meet with the doctor in a week to see what the treatment will be.

We do not know if there are any fragments that have torn away which will need surgery. but we should find out in a week.

Has anyone gone through this with there elbow and did they fully recover?

How long did it take to recover?

He has no pain in the elbow but has a loss of motion.

This article may answer some of your questions:

Im 14 when i was 13 i had the same thing little league elbow not the worst fracure it healed over time
If its not bad 1 mounth If its bad and need surgery then 2 years
Tommy John is a serious injury.

Good article Roger.

Jay21328 i had the same thing i am 14 now and i had it at 13 league elbow but i am still in therpy and thats deffently the way to go… Im in there just to get stronger now and i pitched a couple of days ago and i gained 5 mph thats just because my elbow was hurting because my shoulder wasnt strong and flex.

So after you are healed i would deffently consider physical therepy it helps so much

dont need physical therepy i have a conditioning and flexiblity for baseball pitchers and i m going to see my orthopedic doctor thursday so i will tell you about how my appointment.

I just got back from orthopedic doctor it went great. im going to do a little while of physical therepy and countinue flexiblity at home. I have a re accuring case of midel epicondlitis and in a month it should go away for good. It was good news i think right now im about 85 to 90 percent but im going to use the physical therepy as a advantage for me to gain more information.

Listen to your doctor and PT and don’t try to come back too quickly. Medial Epicondylitis is easy to aggravate and trying to come back too quickly can lead to more serious problems.

I no the only thing im going to do from now until my next physical therpy is flexiblity whic should help the problem not hurt it.

im going to one of the best physical therapy places and it is going well and im getting better with each day on work of strenghing my arm
the wrist is the target which then strenthens the elbow. the elbow is worked by the wrist.