Little Know Pitching Clinics


There’s a little known clinic for pitchers that few know about. This clinic will actually show you in real time NOT HOW to pitch, but WHY you pitch. This clinic is attended mostly by none pitchers - go figure!

So, you want to get an edge on every batter that you face? Do you want to actually see how to take these guys apart, pitch by pitch, inning by inning? Do you want to be the biggest mystery in your league… “darned if I know how he does it” kind of guy?

Ready for this bombshell? Ready to see just how east this stuff can really be?


Listen carefully to the instructors and coaches tell YOU EXACTLY what to look for in poor hitting techniques, sloppy batting stances, poor batting beginnings and follow through. Listen how poor hand movement … from beginning to end of the swing, can actually make your job so much easier.

After all is said and done… when a coach says… "if you do this you won’t be able to do this… " Just stand back, relax, and silently say to yourself… OH REALLY! (try not to giggle in the process.) Yup… it’s that easy!