Little Help-Baseball Prank

I need to a good baseball prank to pull on a teammate.
I always sit right in the door way to the field on the bucket of balls. Well one of the guys who doesn’t like me cause I am a little better lined the bucket with mud. It had rained before the game. So for the last 2 innings I had a ring on my butt. I didn’t find it as funny as he did.
How can I get him back?

Hmmmmm… ring around the can … well ya gota give the guy credit for thinking up that one…

One of the oldest dugout tricks is pepper in the hat. And here’s how it works. ( Now you’ve got to be smooth with this one.)

Get one of those small pepper pak’s … you know like the ones that are next to the small salt pak’s … at Burger King … or mickee-D’s. Just take one with you into the dugout and wait for a guy to take off his cap and put it on the bench. Now here comes the tricky part … and you’ve got to be smooth here … when there’s a big play or some other distraction when the entire bench gets up and looks away from the dugout… quickly sprinkle the pepper pak (small amount) into the guys hat. On a hot summer day, the guy wont notice the pepper smell … but he will start scratching like crazy !!!
It’s a harmless prank … and dates back to the beginning of baseball itself.

But be ware!!! if the guy is like a rug size… 9 X 12 … and weights in close to Mack truck… better plan on having your track shoes on!! :shock:

I always liked the, blow the bubble and put it on the cap trick. Always good for a laugh once or twice a year.

i gotta agree with the bubble gum trick… especially if they dont notice…

Well this isn’t really a prank just a good way to embarrass him. Wait till everyone is on e the field. Have a guy sneak up behind him and get on his hands and knees right behind him then have another person push him and he will trip and fall over the guy on his hands and knees. My school does that to everyone. Once I got a guy 8 times in a row. Its also fun to do it to the coach.

that’s not very funny

thats what you think

lol @ all :lol:

I am liking Coach Baker idea!
Keep them coming though :slight_smile:

Pretty good way to get somebody hurt. Probably not the best prank to do. Not a very smart thing to do to your coach either.

If you wanna be REALLY slick with Coach Baker’s idea. Try the pepper thing in his athletic supporter before he puts it on. Hopefully you see where I’m going with this 8)

seff that is one of those things you should never do to another person, no matter what theyve done to you

I didn’t want to go there, but I disagree. PM me if you want to discuss the ethics of it.