Little hands, best grip

Here’s the scenario:

11-year-old pitcher with small hands has trouble wrapping his hand around the baseball. What do you teach when, for example, the key to throwing a good fastball is holding the baseball with a loose grip out in the finger tips?

Three finger grip works. If not quite ate the two finger grip but say almost there, you can use the third finger(next to pinky) as a support to the side of the ball. Sometimes this is also effective in getting some movement in the ball.

is it true smaller hands are better for curves and bigger hands are better for sliders? i have small hands and i thought that was why i didnt have a good curve when i was younger but now i have a very very good curve, and coaches have told me having smaller hands help to snap a curve. ive also heard randy johnson throws a slider because his hands are to big for a curve

I’ve never heard of a pitcher throwing a slider because his hand was too big for a curve—or too small for a whatever. It all has to do with the particular grip and the wrist action.