Little guy developing nicely - 11y/o

Right now he’s throwing 30 pitches off a mound 2 times a week not counting warming up and throwing long toss, does alot of core excersizes. He throws 8 out 12 months a year, and is throwing nothing but 2 and 4 seam fastballs, and a straight change as well as a circle change (This is his favorite pitch, he locates the best with this pitch & and it drops off the table, but I tell him not to use it on weak hitters and only throw it down and away to righties up in the count). Anything you guys can help him with would be great. I’m a righty and played SS my whole life so can’t help him much longer.

All i can see is that his front side isnt being used His glove arm is “limp” when throwing if he can start using the football tuck in it will help him use his lower body.

Thanks HoySauce,

Gonna try and get him pulling the body to the glove and see if that also helps keep him from finishing so far over on the first base side. Thanks again