Little Bit Of Control Issues


I was throwing and pitching a few minutes ago for practice, and the second the ball hit the ground and got dirty, it got slippery which lead to lack of control and I was throwing pitches that sailed over my Dad’s head. It really makes me upset when I have bad control and it seems like even if I try calming down and breathing, I’d still suck.


I don’t have bad mechanics.


Kind of a blanket statement about your mechanics. Get some video of you pitching from a mound with front, side and rear views. Let some of the experts on the site analyze and give you advice on areas needing improvement. Short of posting video only advice I can give you is bring a towel to dry the ball.


I do have a towel to dry the ball, it’s still slippery.


Was it raining when you had your bullpen?
If the balls you are using are new or have a pleather cover, it may be you have to rub up the new balls or invest in some cheap leather cover balls for throwing. I have an assortment of balls so that bullpens can be conducted with the ball that the pitcher will be using in their league. I may be weird, but I have about 200 assorted balls and I replace about 60 of my pitching-only balls every year. They get retired into batting practice balls.

BTW–this is off-topic but I have created a new-to-me batting tee drill that I call “driving range”. I line up 5 players with tees and a bucket of balls each along the first or third base line (never both at the same time–fyi–that would be a recipe for disaster) and they try to hit home runs over the opposite field fence. If you want to see some hard swings…get your team to do this drill. “Tee’em high and watch’em fly!”


No it wasn’t raining, just muddy on the grass. The mud on the ball makes it slippery.


It’s alright I fixed my control issues. Today, I only had one wild pitch, and two high pitches. Had good movement on all my pitches.


I have videos, but cannot upload them. It gives me an error message each time. Do you know why?


Think there are instructions if you search site. I use YouTube and its pretty simple. I make sure video is marked public and use share video tab to text to myself. I then copy URL from text and paste into the new topic or reply box on LTP.