Liriano problem

what is the deal with liriano’s mechanics that made him get TJ surgery??

How do you know his mechanics are the reason he had TJ surgery?

his whipping arm action caused him to have tommy j


idk why but I gurantee you your answer is not right.

Ya pretty much every pitcher whips the ball when throwing, its nearly impossible to throw with a stiff arm. His problem might be mechanical and it might not because some pitchers with excellent mechanics still become injured.

Are you sure about that? How can you possibly know for sure why anyone gets hurt, maybe he didn’t have enough potassium that day and he was tight. Maybe he twerked it lifting weights or lifting a package or a baby and when he threw that day it happened to be tender already. Maybe he was dehydrated. Perhaps it was an act of god. Than again maybe it was mechanics. My point is I hate when people give sure fire responses like they know for sure exactly what the answer is. Give an opinion, a guess, whatever you want to call it, but don’t pretend you definitely know the answer to questions you can’t possibly know the definite answer to… And thats what really grinds my gears :smiley: .

BTW, the whipping action is exactly what Will Carroll from baseball prospectus said caused the injury and I don’t personally agree with a lot of the things he says. In the case of injury I don’t have an answer so his guess is as good as mine… I guess.

Too many innings too soon, inverted W, short-arm, lands closed, hips do not fully rotate, massive head jerk/posture change, strides too far, thew too many sliders.

Take your pick. Could be a combination of all of that.