Lincecum's Windup

While watching his windup last night against the Mets there was something I noticed.

Instead of stepping back or even the normal 45 degree rocker step to start his windup he steps completely to the side and seeminly in front of the rubber. I was taught when I was younger that if you step too much to the side you lose some momentum thus losing velocity but obviously Lincecum has plenty of velocity on his pitches.

Is this part of his windup not really a problem or is he just able to get away with it because he is a freak of nature?

the reason is because he turns his whole back to the hitter and if he steps straight back it would be hard to do that. I watched the game on and i slowed it down and thats why im pretty sure.

Wow that actually makes sense.

Side note, is the deal worth it? It may be a father’s day present for my dad.