Lincecum hitting 101 mph

go to august 6th i think its a washington @ San Fran game. His rookie year, 7th guy he K’s, radar gun reads 101, insane. If anyone can make a gif of it that would be great.

Nice, Lanky.
How do you do that?

jasc animation shop + hypercam + photobucket

The radar guns are not always exact. But thats still pretty good!

Chances are that is 98 mph but at his size that is ridiculous.

I would not call it ridiculous. Look at Billy Wagner =)

But I guess the radar gun wasn’t exact. Also saw Lester hitting 101… unrealistic :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing that’s amazing is that 'Scum was pitching from the stretch.

he was consistently 95+ his rookie year and hit 100 quite a few times. could’ve been a couple miles off like all radar guns. I read an article somewhere about his avg fastball velocity and how its been dipping since his arrival. not that it’s hurt him in any way.

the lester one is ridiculous though. saw a game on espn I think at yankee stadium where he was consistently 97-99 and then looked at gameday on which showed the same pitches in the 93-96 range.

My buddy was at a Red Sox game with his Dad who is a former big league pitcher and Lester was pitching. They were sitting directly behind homeplate with some friends that were scouts and Lester topped 91 a few times and was sitting 88-90. However the gun in the stadium was reading 92-94.

Yes, stadium and TV guns are often juiced.’s pitch f/x are probably as accurate as it gets with velocity.