Lincecum curve

I was looking for slow motion curveball videos and came upon this new video of Lincecum throwing a breaking ball. Very slow so you can see exactly how he releases the ball, and that he starts pronating as soon as it leaves his fingers. In fact, the switch in momentum is almost violent.

is that a curveball? act more like a screwball?

Yes, it is a curveball. It acts like what you would expect from a curveball thrown from a high 3/4 or “over-the-top” kind of arm-slot–that is, the break on the ball is essentially straight down. A screwball would be released with pre-set pronation, that is, the fingers would already be on the inside of the ball, with the palm turned outward, as it’s being released.

I do have an issue with the emphasis on pronation, though. Pronation is an obligatory, unconscious human-anatomy-derived response after release of every overhand pitch by every pitcher.

In my opinion, the current emphasis on pitching instruction that urges pitchers to actively maximize pronation at the release point is somewhat misplaced. In fact, “powerful pronation” is a cottage industry started by Mike Marshall, even though plenty of evidence has been available for a very long time to show that pronation is a naturally-occurring event after every release, and not necessarily a bonafide “teaching point”.

Rather than focusing on powerful, conscious attempts to get “extra” pronation, which may not be useful, the emphasis should be on educating young guys to not oppose pronation on their curveball release–that is, they should not try to get curveball spin by actively “twisting the wrist” or “turning the doorknob” in a supination movement.

Forcing the hand and wrist into supination, when milliseconds later it must rotate into pronation, is clearly stressful and dangerous.

Really? :shock: