Lincecum 2011

Lincecum has changed his mechanics slightly it seems. I would love if someone could make a .gif somehow, I’ll work on it also.

At least looks like he’s bending his back leg a little more. Topping out at 95 mph again. He’ll be scarier this year, I think

appears as though hes kept that same playoff intent in his mechanics… we ll see its a long season folks

Even if someone could make a .gif of it then I know it can’t go onto youtube etc, they would take it down real quick. DO you want the .gif to look at mechanics or what?


Towards the end of the season he began to take his workouts in between starts more seriously. He took notice that he needed to maintain his leg strength so he started doin stadiums and refocused on his longtoss programs. Doing these things that he had done before to get him to where hes at now. Sometimes it takes a little failure to help you realize and remember the things that got you the talent you have. HARD WORK.

His mph is definitely back to where it used to be. Then again he doesn’t need all that velocity with that nasty split-change

BTW, did you guys see this? Lincecum’s windup in 1000 FPS.

“Red Bull says it used one of 50 cameras in the world that are capable of filming a bullet in flight. And the payoff is clearly visible.”

It looks pretty cool but that video is not very informative. The camera only has him framed from the thighs up and it’s panning around him as he delivers, ruining the perspective on angles and timing.

Just about the only new thing you might see there is that Tim has some seriously ripped arms and shoulders. Catch some video of him on off days throwing the ball around in shorts and t-shirt, and you see he’s also got totally ripped legs and torso. He likes to hide it, but the guy is built is Bruce Lee.