Light work out to gain some strength back - Post Injury

I’m 14 years old, I had a slight arm injury after building up to quick, thank God I stopped or it would’ve gotten worse. The doctor said you’ll still experience a little pain but can throw and I need to gain some of my strength back before tryouts on Saturday (2/3/18). I need a light workout regime working out mainly the arms as I need to get strength back. I’m about average speed for a freshman (64-67) and right now I can only hit about mid 50’s, I need to get those 10 mph back fast or I’d say my chance at making the team is slim as pitching is one of my strongest aspects.

Just looking for something light ontop of throwing 20-30 pitches on flatground to gain the strength back.

Just out of curiosity; who diagnosed you & what was the diagnosis?

Eric Small M.D and it was a micro tear in the bicep, and he said nothing was wrong with the shoulder and the popping may just be natural if it does t cause pain there.

Did he diagnose by physical examination only or an MRI? Not so sure popping in the shoulder is natural. By micro bicep tear I assume you’re referring to the tendon?

Physical examination, mris aren’t allowed without doctors note of some sort. I’m not sure of the exacts, I’ll talk to my parents tomorrow. I believe a tear in the tendon and he said popping can be a result of a lot more than injury like tight muscles or growing.

MRI is kind of a tall hurdle for insurance approval. Also necessary to see soft tissue tears. Even MRI’s don’t always show tears. That said it sounds like the diagnosis is the Doctors best guess based on symptoms and physical examination. If the Doctor suspects some tearing I’d think the recommendation would be rest to heal. Hopefully it is minor and something you’ll overcome. If rest is recommend it’s really a prescription you should follow. I understand tryouts are coming up soon but minor injuries can turn into major ones when you continue the activity that caused the injury without giving your body time to heal.

Unfortunately, high school baseball programs rarely offer much down time so it can be really difficult to dig yourself out of a health deficit until after the season ends.

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Ye, that’s what I’m afraid of. I’m hoping to survive the season and do minimal throws putting all into just games, take 2 months off in the summer or more if it turns serious and get my atm ready for next year, healthy and stronger. if it gets work I’m going to have to talk to the coach about time off and hopefully not have it affect next year.