Light Bullpen Session

This is just a light bullpen.

The most obvious flaw I see if my throwing hand going directly down behind instead of extending backwards. I’ve tried to fix this before but extending it throws my entire timing off.

I’ll be working more on hip/shoulder seperation (among other things) this summer.

looks something like i do. Nice sink.

  1. Nice video. Most people here have normal speed videos that are difficult and annoying to analyze.

  2. There appears to be some inverted W.

You need a bigger mound. You about step off the side of the mound and, base on your height, you should be striding to about the end of that mound. I’m wondering if you were holding back so you didn’t plant on the edge of that mound.

ROGER’S remarks about the length of your portable mound is 100% on
The money. And, it’s passing on stiffness to your delivery motion as you progress forward.

This mound, in my circles, is what’s sometimes called a “skid” mound.
Especially for guys of your height. Your potential power off the stride is coming to a “skidding” halt due to your eyes catching the short ramp in front of you, and the decision process that taking place, without you realizing it.

Don’t think this condition is pure theory either. Your vision of this condition
is not going unnoticed by your self defense mechanisms,… when your body acts instinctively to protect itself from falling. It’s like an unsolicited response by your eyes to blink when something goes by your face without you being ready for it.

Also, you’d be surprised at similar conditions on a mound that has holes in the front of it, uneven surfaces, and a host of other quality issues that can be passed on … again to your body’s self defense mechanisms … and actually counteract your mechanics…. regardless of how deliberate you may think your performing.

Get onto a longer surface and watch the difference. Then, TAKE NOTE of this small influence on your overall performance. When it’s game time, and your having control issues, remember back to this time in your training and see if requires your ADJUSTMENT with the mounds condition that you’re performing on.

Coach B.