Lifting with the ELBOW as opposed to the HAND

Anyone have a good throwing program that has players lifting with their elbow to throw? I want my kids to pinch the scaps and lift with their elbow. When players lift with their hand they look awful, can’t throw hard, and have arm problems. I have my own throwing program but am looking for better options. Anyone that has any idea what I am talking about…respond!

This guy did just fine…

You really ought to research things for yourself.

Lifting with the elbow isn’t a good way to put it…pinching their scaps is better. I meant something completely different about lifting with the hand. Nolan does not lift with his hand.

Scapular loading?

Maddux did that too.

So basically you are asking how to get pitchers to pinch their scaps more?

I don’t know, if you have correct mechanics it happens naturally. Generally if you have poor arm action it could contribute to not pinching scaps

I don’t have a problem with scap loading if it is done like this.

However, I don’t want the elbows to get above the level of the shoulders, which is a problem with the idea of leading with the elbow.

To me, lifting with the hand or elbow is a non-teach. And this is where I think still shots misrepresent what’s actually happening. Perhaps it’s just the rhythm of the hand separation that’s problematic to you?? That can be fixed by simply having your pitchers work on taking the ball out of their glove, bringing the hands up, thrusting the chest (scap pinching), and developing a nice rhythm … they don’t even have to throw.

or I could have just completely misread your question :slight_smile:

Scap loading happens as the front shoulder opens not as a result of anything the back shoulder is doing. It is not a conscious action and is not a teach in my opinion.

i believe crackerjack is referring to the people that show the ball to 2nd base and have the loopy arm action when he says people who lift with their hands as opposed to elbows. Even Maddux and Ryan start their arms with their elbows, they just do it in a more horizontal manner rather than a vertical one…

how bout lifting with body?? not supose to be focused on how your arm comes up, the motion that you create to the plate should be an automatic with the arm.

I prefer to teach this by leading with the hand because that keeps the elbow from getting too high, which is very bad IMO.

The problem with teaching leading with the elbows is that the elbows can go up into an Inverted W, L, or V and not just back.

I think the biggest question that I have are throwing programs. I’ve done so much research and seen so many teams do things differently. I’ve heard lift with the hand…I’ve been doing lift with the elbow. I think instead of lifting with the elbow in my throwing program I am going to have them go back more than up.

Could you post more on hand separation. I’ve been reading on that and Steven Ellis posted a little on that but I didn’t really understand.

Sounds like you need a good dose of setpro in your life

here are three of the backwards chaining drills that I do, focusing on arm action.

Note the scap loading, the creation of a cusp (no pause), the leading of the elbow, the “whippiness” of the arm and the continued rotation of the shoulders around the spine through release (not pushing i.e. linear push/bending of torso towards home plate).

I’m not going to waste time disputing all the ideas presented here. Most of this stuff can be figured out if you take some time to study the clips yourself and see what does and doesn’t make sense. And when studying clips (not still photos) be mindful of what your goal is. If your eventual goal is to throw 95 with control, don’t study a pitcher who throws 88 mph and is 6 inches taller than you. It’s a trial and error process to determine how to maximize your throwing ability. Studying high level throwers is helpful, but it still takes thousands and thousands of repetitions followed by instant feedback to have any hope of making these changes.

If this post brought up questions I will have more later