Lifting up your back foot

coach said to try this

so when ou stride you dont want a toe drag :shock:


Mislead coach. Check 99% of the pros and you’ll see toe drag. Schilling is usually thrown back as their example of why you need to lift it. Not too many out there, really. Roger or laflippin could give you a great description of the NPA’s take on toe drag.

The back foot lifting off the ground instead of dragging is often an indication of a mechanical flaw such as the head and shoulders getting out front to far and/or too soon, the shoulders opening up early, etc.

If none of these flaws exist, then the act of keeping the head and shoulders stacked upright into release keeps the back foot down. In other words, the back foot staying down is a result of the head and shoulders being stacked. (The back foot dragging is the result of momentum.) If you watch video of the big leaguers, right after the shoulders rotate you will see the head and shoulders stacked and an arch in the low back. About the same time as - or slightly before - the arm snaps forward, the low back releases and the trunk flexes forward. The ball is released and then the back foot lifts.

Offset, what was the issue your coach was trying to improve or correct?


I drag my foot and it seems to work for me so I wouldn’t worry to much about it because a lot of great pitchers do it and they are well, great.

my control - i have issues getting the ball in the strike zone, let alone hit the corners :shock:

when im playing catch 2/10 still go pretty wild so we’re trying to fix that

on days whne i have good control i get the ball in the strike zone 6/10 times :oops: :frowning:

so im in need of desperate help

Hmm… I’m not sure how lifting the back foot will translate into better control. If I had to give you one piece of blind advice I would suggest increasing your tempo and getting into foot plant quicker. The faster tempo has a way of correcting problems if for no other reason than eliminating from your delivery extra time during which things can go wrong. But, like I said, that would be really blind advice.

lifting the back foot too soon, means you’re throwing too much with your arm.

not good in the long run.