Lifting on pitching days

What are your opinions on lifting the same day that you pitch?

Are you talking before a game or after a game?

Lifting lower body after you pitch is great. Lifting upper body is fine too but can be challenging if you were the day’s starter.

Obviously lifting before your appearance is a bad idea.

I was talking about after. I’m gonna have to lift after I pitch today to keep on track with Tuff Cuff.

My arm is tired after throwing without pressure.

I can’t imagine how much I wouldn’t want to lift after a start or something.

It sucks, but sometimes it’s the best way to get work in. Helps if the start is at 9 AM and you go in to lift at night.

I may be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that Halladay works out immediately after his starts. The idea being to further push the fatigue threshold while at the same time maximizing recovery time before the next start.

Makes sense really. Unless you are training for a marathon (where you dont ever train out to the whole 26.2 mile distance) your workouts should push you to the point where your performance doesnt leave you totally exhausted. Just my opinion.