Lifting in football, bad for baseball?

Does lifting for football hurt you when baseball season rolls around? If so what helps, stretching, running…etc. I know you don’t want to build bulky short muscles, so what’s the best way to do both?

Range and fluidity of motion are important for pitching. Don’t do any lifting that sacrifices that.

Squats, core, back, scap, and lats great for both.
Combination middle distance and sprinting are great. Perhaps with a greater concentration of short sprints can help with explosiveness.
Where it gets tricky is neck and shoulders. Evaluate your current workout with range and fluidity as your litmus test. It’s entirely possible to add significant strength without adding much bulk.

Where to start is based mostly on where you are currently deficient or where you need to trim out some bulk.

I understand what your saying and agree with you. I don’t think football coaches would really take kindly the “I don’t wanna do that because it will hurt me in baseball” excuse though.

What position do you play in football?

If it’s an option, try switching up your rep sets while lifting. 12-10-8 rep sets with heavier weights are generally better to build size (which may, in turn, hurt your overall range and fluidity of motion) whereas if you drop the weight a bit and increase the number of reps, say 25-25-25 or 20-20-20 without increasing the weight between sets, it tends to build strength rather than more mass.

In my opinion, this should help at least some with the concern of sacrificing range and fluidity of motion.