Lifting ? for the TuffCuff program

I do not yet play for a team in college. That is what i’m working towards. For a little background info i’m a 18 year old sidearm pitcher who tops out around 72. I’m wondering if its ok 2 lift 4 days and follow your program to the letter for everything else, except for the massage portion since i do not have the stick yet. I know i need about 12 mph before i have a solid shot of playing college ball. What do you think, any advice would be great.

Yes, you can go two heavy days and two lighter days … post some vids of your mechanics, too … that combination of functional strength and pitching mechanics will certainly point you in the direction of success.

my mechanics are terrible its a problem im fixing slowly. im a self taught pitcher so ive been gradually learning everything there is to do. A friend of mine does 2-3 hours workouts 4 days a week and thats what i was thinking of doing do u think thats to much.

If you could get video to us that would be great, we could help find what you need to work on and such.

One thing though, 72, if hit consistently, can get you on a D3 team. I know it is not a spectacular, but if you work hard to get there, it can happen. I throw consistently a 74 mph fastball and I’m playing D3 ball. What matters is pitch control and movement, especially if you don’t throw exceptionally hard. Another guy on my team who is a pitcher as well has never hit 70 mph. So it shows you it isn’t all about power. Yet we also are developmental guys, so they plan on putting more speed on us as we just started lifting and such.

problem is i go to a d1 (albany) school right now and ill try and get some video up during the winter break.

hey sare670… are you playing for the team at albany? just wondering?

Hey connor read the first sentence of my first post. Are u one of those people who read the last post and then reply? Do u play baseball for a college team?

yes actually i am playing d3 baseball my fastball is at 85 right now and with the help of the tuffcuff program i will be throwing 90 hopefully in a year and a half

WOW thats pretty sweet for what team and when was the last time u were clocked at 85 thats not bad at all for D3

I got clocked 2 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes ago. whatever im the best

oh really are u ocd when it comes 2 pitching i dont even remember the last time i was clocked to the month let alone the minute