Lifting for shoulders

Hey im trying to develop a good routine for over the summer and im stumped as to what exercises to do for shoulders/traps I know and have been told dont do any over the head excersies so what can i substitute in im doing shrugs and thats about it at the moment.

Do “arm pulls”… either with a band or some work out machine… Put your arms straight out in front of you not over your head… and pull into your stomach, another one is to put your arm out straight to your side and then pull into your stomach…

my #1 piece of advice is to not throw random exercises together to try to make your own “perfect” program.

Can you post what your current program looks like? An exercise is just an exercise, what’s more important is how it’s implemented/organized in the overall program.

Im most likely going to be doing the westside for skinny bastards part II from here freinds have used it an loved it but theres not all that much for shoulders so i was wondering if i needed to add anything else but im thinking not.

I like the template but it is more of an advanced template for somebody who has been training for at least a couple years on their own (maybe I’m just saying this because I tried it when I was relatively new to lifting and for a variety of reasons unrelated to the template itself it didn’t produce huge results).

My problem when trying to use WS4SB a couple years ago was I would juggle all the exercises, constantly switching back and forth and never really making solid progress. Stick to the same movements for each workout A, B, C, D etc and after 4 weeks or so switch them in and out for similar movements.

Another of my problems way back when, was that I was biking everywhere the summer I trained with WS4SB. If you’re trying to gain weight (and I did gain about 7 or 8lbs that summer despite everything), you must keep unnecessary energy expenditures like that down unless you’re offsetting them with some serious calories (I wasn’t).

If your form isn’t perfect, or if you don’t know what “perfect” form looks like for a given exercise, you’re probably not doing something right. Get the form down before you start adding weight, unlike my meathead friends at school.

You’re not gonna get me to say much bad about WS4SB, it’s great if well implemented and you know what you’re doing

and, no need to add any shoulder stuff, unless we’re talking some basic YTL and rotator cuff prehab exercises.