Lifting exercises for 14yo Pitcher?

We have a good routine for bands, weighted balls, etc…

What lifting routine would you suggest for a 14yo pitcher? How many days? Before or after throwing? etc…


Do you have access to a gym? Weights at home? Or body weight?

Also be careful using weighted balls…

I’ll go and get whatever is required.Looking for a workout…

Assuming he has no prior lifting experience, I would start with the basics to build up comfort and strength. That said I would do:

Pushups, Situps, Squats: at 200 daily
As many sets as possible to get the 200 done.
If this is too difficult lower it to 100 (dont go lower than this)
And if it is too easy, up it to 300 (if 300 becomes too easy its time to start olympic lifting for baseball players)

  • TGoldy, baseball specific strength coach

My son is 13 and here is a look at what he does with his trainer (not all inclusive) twice a week so we can get throwing in after a few days rest. To me this is just to start him out and get him used to it, he enjoys it so we’ve kept it up.

Almost all the squats are done with weight (goblet hold)
Lower body:
Goblet Squats
Jump Squats
Split Squats
Box Jumps
Goblet Lunges
Inch Worms
Jump Rope

Upper body
Push ups
Chest Press (dumbell)
med ball slams
med ball throws (soccer throw in style)

And an assortment of core body exercises

When he does anything that fatigues his forearms, we avoid any throwing for a couple days.

My thing… I won’t let him touch weighted balls for throwing… we do use them to teach arm action both throwing arm and glove hand, but only slow motion to mimic the motion, not to actually throw… when I was young I hurt my arm throwing a water logged baseball… again just my bias.

How about some information?

  • consider your blood pressure
  • consider your weight- height ratio.
    -health history

    prior and current injuries
    current and past medication
    restrictions and prone to what injury(s)
    -exercising with others or by yourself

  • past exercise plans and your success/failure with them
  • expectations and progress monitoring
  • what do you have access to currently.

In_Season_program_.pdf (247.3 KB)

Awesome. That’s what I wanted. Thanks all!

Just remember, BostonErik, regardless of the advice and offers to suggest an answer to your questions, it’s still up to you to know your limits, pace yourself, and determine for yourself what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

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