Lifting during basketball

how should i lift during basketball season? Should I use a lighter weight and lift for more reps? Should I make leg days less intense because basketball practices involve a ton of sprints? Should I lift less often? Should I not lift at all?

id just worry about basketball and hoping to have a successful season. hopefully your basketball team has an inseason weight program. thats just my opinion as a high school coach. i sure wouldnt want one of my baseballers worried about working out for another sport during baseball season. if you dont have an inseason weight program in basketball id ask my basketball coach first.

i dont play basketball for a team but i do play baseball for a team

i continue to lift heavy during the season but i organize my lifting around my games

i’ve been batting #1 and #2 in the order the past two seasons…reason being, i have good speed… so i don’t exhaust my legs the days before a game because if i try running the day after a leg lifting day i’m half as fast

i think you could get varied responses from who you ask, but i wouldn’t wanna risk all the hard work i’ve done in the offseason by just abruptly stopping for 3 or 4 months at a time and lose my strength…i’ll say keep lifting heavy but make sure your full of energy for game days

also if i was you i’d lift AFTER practice and after a good hour or so of relaxation and some food, because you don’t wanna be practicing your shot with jello arms after you burned them out with curls…i’d imagine that could throw off your shooting mechanics

If I was you, I would ask the coach if he has any inseason weight training. The problem with continuing to lift heavy is that you’ll face a greater chance of facing injury. I decided to stop playing basketball because of this, due to the fact that I want to be a baseball player. And continuing to play basketball went against what I wanted to accomplish in the offseason for baseball. But on the other hand, basketball is great, talk with your coach to see what weight training he would recommend, and hopefully instead of doing it by yourself, you’ll be doing it with the team.

continuing to lift heavy will only further decrease your chance of playing time because you won’t be able to perform at full capacity during basketball practice. And basketball practice is usually everyday of the week, except maybe on the weekend, but some coaches may practice on the weekend. Anyways, I would continue to lift light-moderately to help maintain strength, just make sure you don’t go all out, because your body will need time to recover. But this can be avoided, maybe… Although, I’ve never had a hard time with shooting after a good arm workout, sure, my first couple of shots may be off, but once you get warmed up, it becomes easier to shoot. If you know how to shoot, your mechanics shouldn’t be screwed up after warming up. Basically, balance out your workout, don’t over do the upperbody, and don’t underdo the lower body. Your goal should be to maintain strength and build off of that. If your coach has an inseason workout plan, stick to that, and try and focus on that one sport.

I’ll post later about some medicine ball work you can do. That’ll help…

thanx for the responses. the reason i ask is because after practice im sore so lifting heavy isn’t going to be easy. even if i tried lifted heavy the weight still wouldnt be as heavy as it normally would. also, we run a ton of sprints so i can barely walk after. that makes lifting for legs nearly impossible.

Lifting in season should consist of moderate to heavy weights with less volume. The decrease in volume will keep you fresh while the heavier weights will help you maintain your strength.

when u lift go straght to the gym and shoot so u dont lose ur shot

i keep my lifting light during bball. i just do some light dumbell lifts and some core workouts

i keep my lifting light during bball. i just do some light dumbell lifts and some core workouts

do legs and core

you guys need to look at dates of posts before you reply, 2 years later is alittle late

you guys need to look at dates of posts before you reply, 2 years later is alittle late

it was one of those threads on the bottom and i forgot to look this time

Do plyometrics. Those exercises are VERY benificial for basketball.