Lifting and Injuries

whats up guys… I’m goin into my junior year and I throw prob around high 70s low 80s like 82 average… I have tendonitis in my throwing arm (lefty) and I’m starting this summer to lift a lot…Shoulders & Triceps on 1 day, then Biceps on another, Chest, Legs, then Back… hows that sound… and is there any way I can get rid of the tendonitis

i had the same problem w/ tendonitis i think it was. don’t lift for a week or 2 and 3 times a day take 3 advil or some other otc pill w/ an anti-inflamitory. also, ice the first few days or right after workouts. also, after bout 4 days start w/ heat and running to get the blood flowing thru there to get rid of all the junk in your elbow

Arite thanks man but like its not from lifting its from throwin

Why would you need a day a day dedicated to your tris and one dedicated to your bis. In fact the best exercises for your biceps are back exercises (pull ups, chin ups, rows)

What you have described is more of a bodybuilding routine. And to be honest a lot of bodybuilders don’t even lift like that. To be frank, it’s really a “Muscle and Fiction” routine.

A routine for an athlete will generally include either 3 full body days, or an upper/lower split (generally 2 upper body and 2 lower body days).

Muscle and strength is built through compound movements.
Squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, pullups, dips, rows, and others.
Your muscles will basically never work in isolation of eachother.

Arite man… dips tear up ur rotator cuff… Back for me is my most important day along w/ shoulders … I do squats during legs… lunges n stuff like that too… but how can you get rid of tendonitis is what really matters to me

you just have to rest it, plus little things to help reduce swelling… kinda like i said in my first reply