lhp21's Offseason Pitching Workout Log

I had been keeping a log for fitness related stuff on bodybuilding.com, but I came here because I like the forum and members and also would like to log my baseball specific work.

My Story: I was cut my freshman year, worked hard to make JV my sophomore year, then rose to the top and played varsity baseball last year as a Junior. To be honest I was only really usable as a pitcher, I’m mediocre at first (my other position) and though I play outfield in the Summer, I’m not near fast enough to play there for school ball.

My Goals: This year I would like to work to pitch to my potential, which I know is high. I didn’t pitch much this school season, and I’m one of the aces on my summer squad so I will get an opportunity to work on pitch sequences, polish curveball, etc. I am a mostly fastball-changeup guy, my curveball does get a lot of swing/misses but I am mainly a ground ball/pop up guy. I pride myself on excelling without throwing exceptionally hard, probably 78-80 at a major D1 high school. I’m 17 years old and this will be my last year of baseball most likely. My offseason goals (during summer/fall ball and the winter) are to add 5mph to my fastball without losing movement, work on throwing the changeup more accurately, and work on developing the curveball as an “out” pitch. At the plate I simply want to improve in all areas, I’ve always hit the ball hard but I want to hit for average/power. I consider this much simpler – not necessarily easier, but at least simpler.

I will be lifting/running almost daily during the summer, I will try to fit pitching workouts in between games but it will be mostly drills, as I only have so much “arm”. Updates will come as often as I get on, I won’t go into specifics lifting/running as that will go on the other site, but all baseball stuff will be posted in depth, as well as diet/supplementation.

I will probably be on a modified upper/lower split, with two days of upper (push and pull) and then one lower. Core work will be 3/4 times a week, will try to work 1/2 HIIT and 1/2 Steady State for cardio. On pitching days/day after I do a min of 15min “conversational” aerobics, usually 1.5+ miles. I hope to gain back strength (I was benching 275 before season) but this time take it slower so as to ease shoulder pain that came from heavy lifting last time, and to gain muscle or at least maintain while shedding some bodyfat - this is a long term goal beyond baseball, but improving athleticism won’t hurt.

Diet wise I will be restricting calories and staying at a loose 40/40/20 ratio, with 1-2 servings of protein powder daily. I use caffeine/gatorade/creatine monohydrate before gym. (This combination will probably be 400mg Caffeine, 50g Carbohydrates from Gatorade, and 5g Monohydrate. I understand creatine loading/saturation and since my goal isn’t immediate strength gains, I take it 3-5 times weekly). Carbs will mostly be situated before workout and in post-workout meal, otherwise I will keep them down. I get the majority of protein from chicken/beef, and carbs from raw oats. I eat several servings of vegetables and usually 2+ of fruit.

In addition to the above, I will be taking a multivitamin (wholesale) and in addition 1g combined EPA/DHA daily from Optimum Fish Oil capsules, as well as 2 Caps NOW Glucosamine/MSM. Both these help with joint pain and connective tissue health from running/throwing/lifting.

Glad to have you here, I feel like our Log Forum is the best…and the Loggers are just top flight and I’m glad to number you as one.

Threw for the first time in summer ball, double header (dropped them both). I pitched 3 2/3, where my arm got tired probably between 50 and 75 pitches. Control was off near the end and I walked probably 5 total, very unhappy with that. However, changeup and fastball were on point. I had guys swinging at pitches in the dirt. Bad competition, but I was happy to get a chance to work on timing again for more than one inning. I think it will take a couple of outings to get my stamina back, but I felt good control wise until the end. 3 hits, no one hit me “well”, just 2 bloops and a seeing-eye grounder to the right side (way late). The bloops were on changeups left across the middle.

Happy with:
CU/FB Pairing
Curveball for swinging strikes
FB location

Needs work:
CU location

At the plate went 1-2 with a double and a groundout.

Yesterday got a great push/cardio workout in at the gym. Diet is OK - getting better each day, working towards totally clean gradually (should be there in 4 days). Going later today for pull/cardio, maybe some abs. I’ve been doing band workout each night.

Got outside and worked on the mound in my backyard, got the dirt nice and soft and a new pitching rubber on. Throwing later today after the gym. I’m thinking a real heavy warmup/stretching, and then working through some imaginary counts with about 15 4seam/2seam, 15 changes, then 15 curves – nothing too heavy but work on location/control and get some good work in since I don’t have to throw until tuesday/wednesday.

Threw off the mound after a great pull/cardio workout (find me on bb.com for log). Extended warmup, followed by some 100% throws at 90’, then I hopped on the mound. Threw 8 2seam, 8 4seam, then 8 changes, then 4 each 2/4 seam and 4 more changes. Equivalent to a 40 pitch outing. I noticed my chest was sore, I will not do a push workout before pitching in a game until I’m “back into it” and don’t get sore anymore. I would estimate pitch velocity to be 90-95%. I felt like I had good velocity; 2 seam had lots of run and 4 seam felt harder. Change is tumbling, I’m trying to increase/vary this action so if I leave one high it won’t get taken into the stratosphere. Finished with stretching and band work. That’s not really a focus for me anyway. Didn’t throw any deuces, my arms/elbow were sore from pull workout and I though I’d keep pronation to a minimum. I should be good to throw wednesday/thursday (next games). Have a good rest of the weekend!

Light leg/ab workout today. No throwing, some bandwork/stretching throughout the day. Chest is extra sore. No arm pain.

Solid throwing yesterday. Will be pitching tonight. Arm felt good yesterday, went 1-2 at the plate with a walk and two runs - flare to right side on a hanging curveball. Will update with pitching report sometime tomorrow.

Had a pretty good pitching effort again sunday. Things were pretty much the same- i relied on the fastball a lot, probably too much. I worked the change up pretty well, and mixed in a couple of curves. I didn’t get tired, but struggled with control after 4 1/3 and came out. Line was 4 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 5 K, 4 H, 5 BB. Overall i’m happy because we won and i picked up a win, but i really need to get walks down and work more efficiently.

Got a pull workout in monday, a chest in tuesday, and will head over later today for a triceps/shoulder workout with cardio. I really haven’t kept up with posting diet as i said i would, but it has been good the last two weeks.

Solid pitching outing last night. I closed the game, pitching the last inning up 8 runs. The 1st guy i ran to 0-2 with inside fastballs, but the next pitch (outside ball) was a swinging bunt down the 3rd base line and he beat out the throw down. The next guy (righty) i threw two outside corner fastballs and then finished him with a tumbling change. The next guy i threw one fastball, then a change and he was way out in front, rolling it back to me for an easy out at first. The last guy i threw two outside fastballs and then a low (in the dirt) curve and got the dropped third strike. Solid outing, probably threw five or six balls total.

Pretty good day today. My arm was post of tired-i could feel it mostly in my elbow. I started the game and threw pretty well, working the outside corner and then jamming guys with fastballs. I only gave up one hit in the first two innings, with a hanging curveball. The third inning was almost as good. I got a strike out then a ground out, but my arm really got tired at this point and i ran into trouble. I walked two then gave up two long doubles, mostly because i was struggling to throw strikes-i have my doubts about the umpiring, but regardless i wasn’t throwing my best. Any way, i came out at this point. At the plate i was 0-2 with a groundout, lineout (right at the left fielder, a nice shot), a base on balls and a run.

Calculated all my stats, I’ve been keeping track of each game. Worse than I expected pitching wise, I’m doing alright at the plate though.
12 IP, 16K, 1.92 WHIP 4.08 ERA
12 AB, 5H, .417 AVG, .538 OBP, .500 SLG

Improved today, DH with first game cancelled and second two rain breaks. Didn’t pitch, won like 16-3. I had some work at 1B, some at LF.
14 AB, 7H, .438 AVG, .550 OBP, .500 SLG, 3 SB, 4 RBI, 9 R

Decided I can’t keep up with this. I’m still working out and running, throwing and playing but I don’t have time to post. I’ll just put up pitching outings from now on, so I can look back and see how I’m doing/what I need to work on.

Came in for the last 2 outs of the 5th, the 6th, and then the 1st two of the 7th.

The 5th I came in and struck out the first guy, going in, out, then cutter down the pipe to finish him. Then I left a curveball up and it was taken into right field for an RBI. The next guy, fastball then curveball low for a popup and out of the inning. The next inning I walked two guys on 8 pitches (missed up every single time, by probably 3 inches at the most). Next, I struck out two on fastball/curve combos, and we threw one guy out stealing 3rd. The last inning, there was an error on the 1st groundball, a weak one. Then I struck one out, got another to pop up. With two outs, I gave up 4 hits in a row and came out. My arm was tired. We dropped one, its a double elim playoff system. We play again today, if it doesn’t get rained out (might).

At the plate i was 1-2 with a liner over 3rd base and a fly out to center (deep fly). Also, an important (in my opinion) stat is I’ve gone the last 5 games without a strikeout.