LHP working on some mechanics


I’ve been feeling much better about my speed coming from my lower half, and feeling my motion. Still have leagues to accomplish but any advice is highly appreciated. Video is in 50% speed.

Stats: 6’3 190 lbs 10% bf 23


I think you can squeeze a couple more mph out of yourself by delaying shoulder rotation a bit longer to increase hip and shoulder separation. Doing that starts with the glove arm. Try getting your glove to a little higher “opposite & equal” position. Then, turn it over and stabilize it in front of your torso bringing chest to glove instead of pulling glove to the side.


That makes sense Roger, thanks =)


Who is the guy next to you?


That’s his social media handler. It can’t be his pitching coach, unless he’s watching a live feed from the camera. LOL.

One big flaw in what you have going on is the complete lack of any shoulder external rotation. Your delivery would probably be different if you had thrown a ball. Dry work like this can be misleading. Post a video of an actual throw for us to look at.


local coach saw me working at the field, wanting to help me out on mechanics and finding teams. He was just taking my # during that clip sorry. I was recording my mechanics when he stopped in, but kinda blocked my other throws. I will upload some today when I’m out there.


There is some give in your front leg as you start to firm up. See you knee flex forward slightly at 4-5 sec mark. If you can firm up a little more and rotate around the inside of your front hip you should better transfer energy into the throw. Your running off the mound indicates that you aren’t firm enough.

Good luck,