LHP sideview pitching

Me pitching in a tournament in WV. This is footage before i hurt my elbow a week after this was taken. I would appreciate any advice that would help prevent this from happening again.

It’s funny(not that you got hurt) because even before I read the part about hurting your elbow I thought as I was watching the video “wow this guys elbow must take a beating” You really do look like you’re all arm and the legs are just coming along for the ride, I would really try to incorporate your whole body into the pitch. Work on a larger stride, pushing off the rubber instead of just letting your bodies momentum to pull you off it. Also when you get there, the temptation is to just let your arm throw the ball, really concentrate on getting your lower back and abdomen into turning your body and then the strain on your arm will be greatly reduced.

Your standing straight up when you finish and theirs almost no momentum going foward other than ur whipping arm. Use more of your body and take stress off of your arm.